The Ardchattan Centre

We are here to help, if you are self-isolating or need assistance please

PHONE or TEXT  07843 108095

The Ardchattan Centre committee have set up the above helpline for the use of anybody in the local community requiring help. Volunteers can pick up shopping or prescriptions, post mail, collect urgent supplies, or give a friendly phone call.

Volunteers staff this phone line, if you do not get an answer straight away, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

If you ask for help, you are giving us consent to hold your details and share them as appropriate with our volunteers and/or a support agency.

Volunteer: If you can help and would like to be added to our volunteer database then please phone or text 07843 108095. By registering as a volunteer, you give consent for your details to be held and shared as appropriate with those in our community needing support or with any agencies as required.

The Ardchattan Centre

Useful links to information about COVID-19

NHS Scotland Information on COVID-19 Information on symptoms, shielding, testing and how to seek advice.

COVID Symptom Study – formerly COVID Symptom Tracker (AKA the ZOE app) Webpage for the app developed by health science company ZOE. Report your health daily – takes less than a couple of minutes and provides researchers and the NHS with advance warning of possible new COVID-19 outbreaks. Endorsed by the Scottish Government & NHS Scotland.

Scottish Govenment Coronavirus Page

Scotland Coronavirus Tracker by Travelling Tabby  an excellent graphical representation of coronavirus statistics for Scotland built, hosted and maintained by a UHI student.

NHS Highland Population Statistics definition of the NHS Highland geographical area and breakdown of its population.